A Prezi Murder Mystery Project

Introduction to the Project:

Over the next couple weeks, my Spanish 5 Honors students will be listening to a radio murder mystery show entitled El Consierto Siniestro.  The mystery is divided up into twelve episodes.  Last year I created comprehension question worksheets with vocabulary lists for each episode.  As we listened to each episode, the students were responsible for creating character descriptions and a giant time line of the events of each episode.  Seeing that the series is a mystery in Spanish, the students need a firm grasp of the order of events in order to grasp the “mystery” aspect of the show.  This year I’m attempting to take the assignment to the “21st Century”.  The students will listen to the episodes in class and try to respond to the comprehension questions as we did last year.  This year, the organization of events and the character description will be organized through a Prezi presentation.  If you haven’t checked out their website, check out out their brief introduction video to see how the program works.  I have not worked with Prezi before.  I first wintessed a Prezi presentation at the MassCUE conference last week at Gillette Stadium.  I was intrigued. We will learn how it works together.


1) Students will listen to the episodes and respond to the comprehension questions.

2) Students will then create a Prezi “zone” per episode.  They will not be allowed to use text. They will find images that represent the developments of each episodes and try to create a flow in the presentation to communicate the flow of events heard in the radio show.

3) Students will work in groups of three.  One group per episode will present their work so we can review the flow of events as a class.  Each group will have their own Prezi presentation of the whole story, however, they will only be presenting their presentation twice to the class.

4) Students will subscribe to the Prezi Blog  in Google Reader.  With the Voice Thread project we did over the last couple weeks, the students became familiar with Google Applications.  I now want to show them how they can learn more about a topic, or a tool such as Prezi, by following the company’s blog.

5) I will be tweeting about this project as we go. If anyone is interested, please stay tuned to my blog and follow me on twitter at MS348.  Any comments or questions will be greatly appreciated!

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