Creating A Wiki To Share Student Work

As I continue working through new projects with my students, I begin asking myself “how do I share these projects with a larger audience?”.  I decided that this week I would research a few of the different ways that educators are sharing their students’ work.  After reading around, I decided that I would start with

Check out my wiki.  It took me about one minute to register my account and set up the platform for the my class site.  After registering, I read through some of their help tutorials.  The tutorials proved the site to be well organized and user friendly. I created a home page for the wiki that gives a basic outline for the purpose of the wiki. I then created two side pages.  One page is dedicated to explaining my the Voicethread projects completed in my art history unit.  I also included links to my students’ projects so the readers can see the final products.  The second page I created this morning will host information related to students’ Prezi presentations.  My students are creating these presentations to explain/understand a radio murder mystery we are listening to in class.

Currently, my wiki is serving as a website to post my students work.  I set the site up so that anyone is welcome to view and comment on my students’ work, however, only I can edit the pages. I plan to read more about how other classrooms are using wikis to facilitate collaborative work. As I learn more, I have the ability to open up editing privileges to my students.  For now, I’m hoping this wiki will serve as a way for students to share their work and get feedback on what they are doing.  In the future, I hope that as I read more about wiki’s in classrooms, I will be able to use this site as a collaborative tool for my students.

How are you using wiki’s in your classroom? Do you have any suggestions for a teacher who is new to using wikis?

As always, thanks for your help!

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