Business Project Plan


A couple weeks ago students decided that they wanted to learn about how their Spanish could relate to possible careers in business. We decided that we would develop a unit around international business. Below are some of the ideas that we have come up with so far. As the project evolves, we will update our wiki page. The students have chosen the topic and many of the guidelines for the project. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for us as we go along, please leave us a comment.

Central Question: What makes an international business successful?

Idea: Create a class business. Divide into department teams to collectively create a business plan that would be successful in a foreign country. Each department has to create a plan and talk about how they could contribute to make our company successful. After a five minute group discussion, the students decided that they wanted to start a shoe company based in Boston, MA that wants to expand to Chile.

– Answer central question.
– Learn Spanish vocabulary that will help express ideas.
– Review grammar points that will help with individual presentations.
– What kinds of jobs are involved in making your particular part of the business successful?
– Successfully develop and communicate a plan of action in Spanish that explains how your department will help make our business successful internationally.

Create Departments/Teams for Research:

A. Make presentations to class using Glogster that highlight one of the following subgroups of an “international business.”

B. Have each group create a vocabulary list and grammar review for class to help class understand their presentation.

C. Groups:

1. Marketing/sales
2. Communication/logistics
3. Cultural/social influences (traditions, what’s important to people, etc.)
4. Political issues (government’s role, unions, international trade agreements, etc.)
5. Networking/education/professionalism/conduct
6. Stories of different businesses that work internationally with examples of successful strategies (ie. how does Coca Cola, for example, coordinate their international business?)


Students need to find two consultants for their department: one from inside the school and one from outside the school. Both consultants can be asked to be part of our Ning, although this is not required.

Communication for Groups:

– We will set up a class Ning where groups can exchange ideas, post questions to other groups, and update everyone on their progress.

– Students will use Glogster to present their findings/ideas to the class

Weekly Assignments:

1) Have a representative from each group write a progress report (in Spanish) and post it to blog section of Ning to be submitted by 11:59 pm Saturday and 11:59 pm Tuesday. The progress report should include the following (although is not limited to):

– Summary of the work your group has accomplished since last update
– 3 questions that your group has discovered that need to be answered
– 3 answers/explanations of progress made on previous update’s questions
– Annotated bibliography of at least 3 new sources found in allotted time
– Citation of the explanation + a brief description of why important
– 1 question that you would like to ask another department that would help you with your research
– New additions to Spanish vocabulary list from the past few days that aided research

2) In between posts, groups must try to answer their questions and respond to any questions asked by another department on that department’s comment section in the Ning.

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