Getting Ready For Educon 2.2

This weekend I will be traveling with two co-workers to Educon 2.2 in Philadelphia. As stated on the Educon 2.2 wiki, Educon is “an innovation conference where we can come together, both in person and virtually, to discuss the future of schools. Every session will be an opportunity to discuss and debate ideas — from the very practical to the big dreams.”

At the conference I am co-leading a discussion on subversive professional development. One important question facing many districts is: Why are there still so many educators sitting in the back of the faculty meeting rolling their eyes whenever 21st Century Skills are on the agenda? How can Professional Development be meaningful, effective and important for the uninterested?

In my discussion I want to talk about the ways that my district got my attention and began to educate me about 21st Century Skills.  I’m a young teacher and do not have the extensive experience that others might have with professional development.  That said, when 21st Century Skills were really explained to me, I could have not been more interested in the initiative.  How can my story help get other young teachers on board and have them begin their career on an innovative path? These are some of the issues I look forward to discuss this weekend.

Do you have any suggestions for my discussion on P.D.? What is the current climate amongst faculty at your school in regards to 21st Century Skills? If you have a very supportive faculty, how did your district foster that culture? If you feel your faculty room still has many folks rolling their eyes at 21st Century Skills, what are the big issues? How do you think we could work to resolve them? Thanks for your input!

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