How Far Is India From My Classroom? Trick Question!

Last week a student of mine informed me that she had to leave for India and would not return for two weeks due to a family wedding. She then asked how she should proceed with her work so she wouldn’t fall behind.  To which I responded,

1) Will you have a computer? Yes.
2) Will you have internet access? Yes. 
3) Will you have both of these around 9pm at night? Yes.
The result…
Over the last week we have Skyped my student into class.  Our class work revolves around our class Ning and with access to the internet, my student participates in class discussions and helps her group research. Her group also uses google docs to organize their collaboration. Not only does our experiment present a nice way for my student to stay on top of her work, but it exemplifies the connectivity of our world.  How far away is India from my classroom? Trick question, India is in my classroom. Cool. 

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