Social Revolution Through Dance

Last week the class of 2010 finished high school. How did my seniors elect to spend their final classes? Trying to initiate social change through dance of course! After a heated discussion about the lack of creativity with regards to the student dancing at our school’s junior prom, and with senior prom looming in the near future, we decided that the seniors needed some alternatives.  

For a couple weeks leading up to their last three classes, students researched the origins of Flamenco, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Salsa. After presentations to the class on the background of these dances, students divided into dance teams. They then waded through their various Web 2.0 resources in order to learn the basic steps to their assigned dance. During the last week of classes, we put their efforts to the test by inviting other D-period senior classes to come dance with us.

Our various dance teams hosted a dance conference. Seniors from all over the school had the opportunity to learn about the history of these dances and the basic steps. We held training sessions Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The goal for my students? Sneak Latin dance music to the DJ at their prom and have a hundred seniors whip out their brand new latin dance skills…

Check out this video clip of my students sharing their new Tango knowledge…

Prom has since come and gone. Although my students didn’t sneak any music to the DJ, a latin hip hop song came on and a few of my students tried their new skills. We might not have reached our original goal, but the process itself presented many learning opportunities. Several classes came together to participate in student-centered learning. Students enjoyed teaching their peers and showed their research, presentation and leadership skills.  All in all, a fun learning activity that brought their community together to close out their high school experience.

One thought on “Social Revolution Through Dance

  1. Awesome idea Mike! I bet the kids had a great time! I’ve always wanted to try something like this but never knew how to approach it. Thanks for sharing!

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