Learning Spanish With El Internado

This year my department is piloting a new Spanish TV series called El Internado La Laguna Negra. Have you seen it in Spain? Are you using it in your class? Have you never heard of it?

El Internado chronicles the tale of several Spanish high school students who live at a boarding school in Spain. For a summary of the plot, click here.  The Internado incorporates drama, action, mystery, horror and comedy. The cast consists of adventurous, devious, and humorous high school students to whom your students will be able to relate. Throughout the year, my department and I will collaborate to develop a curriculum for the first season. Our students will learn modern slang, phrasing and a variety of cultural motifs that pertain to their age group.

If you would like to check out some of the first episodes, you can view them for free at this website. If you are interested in buying the DVD’s, you can buy them online at FNAC online . If you would like to collaborate with us on this curriculum, please visit our department’s wiki  and upload activities, assignments, projects, etc. that you use in your class. As you contribute, feel free to use any of our work!

One thought on “Learning Spanish With El Internado

  1. I used El Internado in my AP Spanish class all year this year. Every Friday we would watch 30 minutes of it. My students were completely hooked, LOVED it. Now my husband and I are watching the series from the Zona Internado website. I’m so excited to learn that there are other schools using it as well.

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